Thursday, May 25, 2006

Post 33: 250506 Tournament Day 2

It took a while to arrange the next set of games and as yet it has proved impossible for anyone in Group A to play the competitors from South Africa. This evening saw 3 games squared away against another Taiwanese hopeful. He flies under the name ‘joky’ and from around 8pm while I was still at work until just before 10pm as I sat in the comforts of home we completed our set.

Game 1 saw me take a casual approach that nearly ended in disaster but resulted in a win. The second game was a different story with ‘joky’ getting a 26 point loop and me playing catch up. At the final tile I was a point behind. The third game was close to begin with but I pulled away near the end to take a comfortable second victory.

My current record stands at 6 wins and two losses. With one member of Group A dropping out the number of games needed to be played has dropped to 15.


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