Sunday, May 21, 2006

Post 28: 210506 Rehearsals Con't

It was a full day of rehearsals yesterday. With our usual venue being unavailable we headed to the directors school to tread the boards on the stage in the school library. But damn, if the climb wasn't a killer up to the school. We go upstairs, we go downstairs, we go upstairs, classroom, classroom, classroom, library. Phew. It was a nice space and a nice change and several kg lighter.

Then i headed off to the second rehearsal back at the Uni. Our room of course was booked but thankfully the huge outdoor stage was available. Great to be able to shake the cobwebs off the vocal cords.

The evening continued when we headed into Itaewon to have a meal and i'm guessing drink away the night. I'm not quite sure yet what they then got up to but i guess i'll hear about it in a few hours. I was knackered so made the long trek back to Uijeongbu for a good nights sleep.

The fine cast of 'Never Swim Alone' also written by Daniel Macivor and directed by Krista Sheen. From left to right: Stephanie Bogue Kerr, Sean Dudley and Ed Miller

Steph looking on from the back of the stage at Krista's school.

The outdoor stage at Hanyang University.

MaKenzie as Older Female Actress. Yes it is a bad wig but it says so in the script.


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