Saturday, June 28, 2008

North Korea Vs South Korea

On Sunday the 22ND a group of us toddled along to Olympic Stadium to watch the two Korea's battle in out in a game of Soccer. As both teams are already though this game didn't count for much but at the very least we were hoping for a goal fest as neither team has the best defence. As it turned out, neither team had the best attack as well and the game finished on a nil all draw.

Cricket in Korea

Here are two shots from a game of cricket i was lucky enough to be a part of a few weeks back. I played for a combined Australian and New Zealand team against a team comprised of members from Sri Lanka. It was played on University grounds in Suwon, a city south of Seoul.

Unfortunately we got our asses kicked. It was a Twenty twenty format game and after going into bat first, Sri Lanka scored an impressive 187 runs. We however were all out for 105.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Harsh Goodbyes

Yearn deprived and sluggish
I gaze into the darkness
To where silence has reign
A sovereign state it claims
Beyond the walls of its dominion
Into the hollows where I slumber
A turned back on old embraces
A burnt look on my soiled face.

Bitter words that hurt erupted
Have grown hard and more corrupted
Every rivulet and subtle nuance
Long eroded by tides want
Void of lips on which to tremble
An equine perch without its luster
A nub that once a lance had thrusted
A brace to once a throng had clustered.

I read in books the tired calling
From where the voices last were falling
Lyrics thought o’ granite strong
Now remains of nothing gone
Memories cast in seas dilution
Settled deep beyond absolution
In darkness where the silence sighs
Lamenting on its harsh goodbyes.


Lead me with your hidden blade
Into the depths of sacred stone
To where our ancestors bones are laid
Beside the weeping walls.
Do not tell me of the plans you’ve made
To offer up my bleeding heart
Tell me we’ve come to bow our heads
And give thanks to timeless souls.

As I kneel before the battered skulls
Remove your blade in silence
Let me not hear the sharp intake of breath
Or the beating of your quickened heart.
As your foot falls beside my bare calves
Let me think you’ve come to kneel
Beside me as a friend, in unison as kin
Let expectation linger of your voice raised with mine

Let your hand not tremble and the blade be swift
Give my eyes no time to see
The look of hunger that coats you flesh
Or the twisted sneer that burns your lips.
And as my body falters and the blood runs free
May knowledge come with winged rejoice
Of glories and of rich rewards
And of evil that from hearth now flees.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My first Baseball Game: Bears Vs Twins

I've never been one to enthuse over baseball. Never had the urge to buy season tickets even after my several season stint at playing softball. But here i was sitting in the relatively empty stands screaming my guts out in support of the Bears on a cool Saturday afternoon. It turned out to be a pretty exciting game with the Bears taking a five nil lead until the top of the sixth when the Twins came back and scored 6 runs. It was down to the bottom of the nineth and a slide into home that could have saved the game when my voice started to give out. I was chuffed with my free ticket and my time well spent.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Theo van Gogh

After recently watching the film Interview, Directed by Steve Buscemi and becoming enraptured with its simple structure and enthralling character study I wanted to find out more about its origins. It’s origins being a Dutch film made a few years earlier by Theo van Gogh. I haven’t seen the film as yet so will be eagerly tracking down a copy.

Rather than warble on and get the facts wrong surrounding the life and death of Theo van Gogh I’ve set up a Feature section in the Links for those who wish it, to go on a little journey into van Gogh’s life.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Finally Lubitel

These are the first images taken on my Lubitel 166 Universal. I went for a wander up behind my place and found some nice neglected streets and narrow alleyways.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lomography Store in Hongdae, Seoul

With my first look inside the store i was happy to discover a few of my images adorning the walls.

This is Wolfgang Stranzinger sitting in the newly opened Lomography store in Hongdae. The store was officialy opened two days prior, on the 5th of March, 2008.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Maroon 5 Live in Seoul

Wow has it been a week already. A week from a most enjoyable evening that still trembles beneath my skin. And before you get out of control speeding along a path i have no intention of going down, i will explain.

I was given, by an oh so generous student, two tickets to Maroon 5 live in Seoul. They played on the evening of Friday the 7th at Olympic Park Stadium. Normally I'd be kicking a lost opportunity right at this minute because i work evenings so seldom get to attend such events. But as for this one, i was able to convince my boss to swap my shift with a morning one freeing me up for a gig.

As with most gigs here, the crowd comes in late. Despite saying on the ticket that the doors would be closed at 8.30pm and late comers would not be allowed admittance, folk were still filing in 30 minutes later as the band were due to be kicking off. My companion urged me to stowed it however and get into the sounds. And that i did. Waving my little glow stick until it broke, i boogied until the end.

After the initial set and the standard wave goodbye, i was a little unimpressed with the crowd when they couldn't even muster a solid encore chant but after a while the band none the less returned to the stage for three more songs. It was here things got tasty. The band got together up front and bowed a last good bye and left the stage but the audience refused to budge and in fact started stamping their feet and cheering like no tomorrow. The band gave in and returned for one last song. After a brief discussion they played Prince's Purple Rain, which without hesitation i say with utter conviction, WENT OFF!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Lomo Adventure Continues

The agony and joy of a Lomographer in Korea continues. It's taken some training but i finally have a developing studio near my house able to process films how i want them. When i first went in i was refused as they had never cross processed films before and thought they would be unable to do it. I was even called after the negative was developed to inform me the colour wasn't normal and to apologise for any mistake. But now all i get is a quick, "Are you sure?" before the roll is handed over and the job begun.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lomo is a Way of Life 1

More Snow From My Neighbourhood

These first two photos are from a little park in Yeoido. Here the snow actually managed to stick around longer than puff or air.

These next two are the view from near my apartment. It had snowed the day before and the houses in the distance are still dressed in their virginal best.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Uijeongbu Station at Night

Jozua's Farewell

Estelle and James show another use for a fork.

The most interesting cake that was purchased to feed the teeming masses, moments after the candle was blown out and the speaches made.

Diane looking relaxed in front of the camera.

Jozua with glass of wine in hand wondering how long it would be before he could make a run for the exit.

Grace and Lindsay scrunching up to get into frame.

Friday, February 15, 2008