Sunday, May 07, 2006

Post 14: 060506 Poem

The Man I Met

He bitterly throws a cough forcing me
Back into my seat. I ask for repentance
But he says there are scores to keep and
If I want to stay on the right side of him
I better learn how to tally the highs and
Lows of a bitter wind. He laughs at me,
A deep petty laugh I cannot see but know
Is there behind his eyes and inadequately
Covered by the hint of a sneer. He’s old
And I want to forgive his manner but
He asks too much with the hammering of
His words into my sluggish thoughts as he
Whimsically calls them. I settle for sitting
In silence as he takes to the table and attempts
To acquaint me with the skills he acquired
From a life spent entertaining himself. I
Force applause from my swollen hands, my
Knuckles still red from the ruler he passed
Over them when we first met. He said it was
So we were sure to start on the right foot and
There’d be no misunderstandings. I don’t
Misunderstand, I just plain don’t understand.
He says it’s better that way.


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