Saturday, May 06, 2006

Post 12: 060506 Poem

The Heart Only I See

There's a small scrap of food in the shape
of a heart on the table in front of me.
I've been sitting here an hour but only
just noticed its bright red skin and
the way its adhered to the fake grain.
I don't think either of the other two people
sitting around me have noticed. One
just pulled out several notebooks and
begins writing furiously as if trying his
hardest not to notice. The other
groans periodically at the grainy television
beside him and hides in his stapled sheets
of paper with their scrawled words
enhanced by an indulgent highlighter.
He refuses to notice. i brush away thoughts of
drawing a large arrow and decide instead
to take pride in the little heart
only i can see even though it sits in plain sight.


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