Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Post 2: 030506 Spring TXT Poetry

Spring: TXT Format

Th bloatd belly of a wrm
ngorgd on moist erth
dgestn th rchnss
of a newbrn seasn
plckd by a probn beak
perchd bneath razr I’s
desperit 2 still
th bayn of spring

We walk her & I
Wth fingers entwind
& let Th sun share th beauty
of our 1st kiss
as I thread a daisy Chain
& crown my love
& she bestows her lips
upon my cheek

I heard th cricket calling
Cum out cum out & play
Th buds will soon b bloomn
& th sun has found its way
Th season of rebirth has cum
So cum out cum out & play

Winta lookd wth bleary I’s
& calld in a fadin voice
u wil miss me whn Im gon
& spring has hd its way
& soon enuff I wil reclaim
tht which spring hath stole away

I woke 2 a distant yernin
2 walk th paths o childhood
2 watch th fantails flitin
2 listen 2 th crockd brook sing
2 lie upon th grss & muse
Upon th joys o spring

I walk bside th babble
& watch th stars upon it gleam
Beneath its crystal surface
Th cockabillies scurry
& Above where my I’s linger
Dragonflies venerate th day

wthn these concrete parks
& hi-rise apartmnt bloks
I found a lonsum dafodil
Wedgd btween th craks
Wth mjestic strain it
bowd 2 proclaim
Wthout u wed take it bac

Bitter wind
Finally crowned
And mothered.

Color me wth childish pansies
hang me frm sharply dressd lims
serenade me wth matin calls
it mite b th season
but I no th reason
im wearin th broadest of grins

I saw the sun go down on bended knee
and propose with longing to the earth
she smiled sadly and whispered in reply
“I accept, though I know it cannot last.”

An itsy bitsy tiny ant
Startd up a flower stem
Dawn a distant rumor
The sun a long lost friend
& with all its strength
It pushd & heavd
2 bring spring bac again

She rousd herself frm dreamin
& raisd her weary head
She blinkd into th sunlite
& stretchd upon th bed
She briefly thort of gettin up
But returnd 2 sleep instead

A possum spoke to me
As he ate an apple core
I don’t hav a penny
Jst an empty paw
But if u r of kindness made
Please sir give me more

I like eatn
strawberries in th sun
I like ice cream 2
Even when it runs
I like dandy lions
& makn daisy chains
I even like gettn wet
In gntle springtime rains

I once had a dollar
that my mother gave to me
and in my infinite wisdom
I planted it to see
if by the coming of next spring
there would grow a money tree

I went 4 a walk & fought
th urge 2 engulf th street I walkd on
th sun shone so sweetly
glazn th world wth nectar
makn a delectable feast 4 th eyes

Th swng swept arcs amngst th powdrd blue
as I lay withn th grss lookn up at u
th memory of our kiss ws lost amngst th dew
beside our erly mornin tyst in th prk

Shh said th gntle breeze
Th day has things 2 say
Cant u hear th flwers whsper
Cant u hear th water sing
Cant u hear th grss in chorus
Gve praise 2 buding spring

Th field mouse scurred
wth panickd stride
& shrill sqeek
frm husk 2 core
least sumthn b lost
& th chance 2 feed
his growin brood
b vanquishd
by a cunnin squall

Frm 16 stories up
I watchd a butterfly dance
on th lip of a newly blossomd lilac
precariously procurd
in a neighbors planter
& new
tht spring had come 2 dine


Anonymous said...

'Oliver' possum
He asked for more.
What he was given
was a flat left paw;
and a flat right and the
back two, too.
He became road kill -
along with the apple core!

Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.

Anonymous said...

Looks nice! Awesome content. Good job guys.

Anonymous said...

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