Monday, June 19, 2006

Post 47: 190606 The show goes on

Six shows are now behind us. It has been a mixed bag. The highlight coming on Saturday night when the plays were performed before an audience of about fifty people. The low point was last night when we almost canceled due to no one sitting in the theatre come 8.30pm. But standing outside was a couple waiting for two more friends to arrive, friends who had become lost. By 8.40pm the four of them were seated and along with four crew the show went on. To be honest the performance the actors gave was one of the best. They were able to relax and feel out the characters a little more. It helps when you are able to take a breather on stage and get your bearings.

Here are two photos from the theatre. The first shows actors on the stage waiting for the audience to arrive before last nights show. The second is the dressing room which doubles as the place to store props.

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