Saturday, June 10, 2006

Post 41: 100606 Rehearsals

Today was our second to last rehearsal. The space is almost as we want it, apart from the blown bulb and the entire channel of eight lights that mysteriously stopped working. Not to mention the gobo's we had made but proved to be unusable because their 10cm diameter was just too small to produce an image. Ah but these things are sent to try us and if we didn’t have problems how would we improve.

We ran through both plays twice, the second being a full dress and tomorrow we hope to run both three times. Less fluffing with the lights should give us the time we chewed through today.

But how well we do tomorrow may well depend on how much alcohol is consumed this evening. It is Amanda’s birthday so the majority of actors and crew have gone out on the terps to share the day and make sure it’s seen off in an appropriate manner. I have crawled home and these longs days are taking it out on me and I would much rather get a good nights sleep and leave the partying until the season is over. Signs I’m getting old: Number 306.

By the second run I must admit that both plays were looking good. All the actors were bringing more to the party and letting the growing comfort with the space produce a deeper level of expression. They must be congratulated for the work they have been putting in. I’m very pleased with they way both are turning out. I have no doubts it will be a good nights entertainment. But more than that, for the sake of the art, these guys are growing as actors, both in terms of experience and in range and in the heights they can achieve. I don’t have enough compliments for them. It’s just as I wanted it to be when I craved to become involved.

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