Monday, June 12, 2006

Post 42: 110606 Final Rehearsals

That was it, our final rehearsals. Just as I predicted they were fraught with danger. Short tempers and throbbing heads created difficult conditions. But persevere we must and persevere we did. After a late start we didn’t complete the three runs of each as planned but saw out two instead with another run coming later in the week when the casts meet separately.

Tomorrow Amanda, the director of ‘This is a Play’ flies out, She will be back in September but due to the ways things work in this part of the world she must board that plane and miss the run of what is her debut as a director. Farewell Amanda and what a fine play you’ve put together. Never doubt it was you who got it to where it is at. Without the guts and strength that ensured it moved ahead despite cast losses and repeated auditions it would not be where it’s at.

Several months of effort on the part of everyone involved will ensure that opening night, in a mere matter of four days, is a success. They both look good and I can’t wait to see how they evolve through the course of their run.

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