Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Harsh Goodbyes

Yearn deprived and sluggish
I gaze into the darkness
To where silence has reign
A sovereign state it claims
Beyond the walls of its dominion
Into the hollows where I slumber
A turned back on old embraces
A burnt look on my soiled face.

Bitter words that hurt erupted
Have grown hard and more corrupted
Every rivulet and subtle nuance
Long eroded by tides want
Void of lips on which to tremble
An equine perch without its luster
A nub that once a lance had thrusted
A brace to once a throng had clustered.

I read in books the tired calling
From where the voices last were falling
Lyrics thought o’ granite strong
Now remains of nothing gone
Memories cast in seas dilution
Settled deep beyond absolution
In darkness where the silence sighs
Lamenting on its harsh goodbyes.

1 comment:

mama said...

Mmmmm! never ever say goodbye
because goodbyes are so final
Ka kite Ano
Seeya tomorrow
Is so much nicer
and not final