Friday, March 14, 2008

Maroon 5 Live in Seoul

Wow has it been a week already. A week from a most enjoyable evening that still trembles beneath my skin. And before you get out of control speeding along a path i have no intention of going down, i will explain.

I was given, by an oh so generous student, two tickets to Maroon 5 live in Seoul. They played on the evening of Friday the 7th at Olympic Park Stadium. Normally I'd be kicking a lost opportunity right at this minute because i work evenings so seldom get to attend such events. But as for this one, i was able to convince my boss to swap my shift with a morning one freeing me up for a gig.

As with most gigs here, the crowd comes in late. Despite saying on the ticket that the doors would be closed at 8.30pm and late comers would not be allowed admittance, folk were still filing in 30 minutes later as the band were due to be kicking off. My companion urged me to stowed it however and get into the sounds. And that i did. Waving my little glow stick until it broke, i boogied until the end.

After the initial set and the standard wave goodbye, i was a little unimpressed with the crowd when they couldn't even muster a solid encore chant but after a while the band none the less returned to the stage for three more songs. It was here things got tasty. The band got together up front and bowed a last good bye and left the stage but the audience refused to budge and in fact started stamping their feet and cheering like no tomorrow. The band gave in and returned for one last song. After a brief discussion they played Prince's Purple Rain, which without hesitation i say with utter conviction, WENT OFF!!

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Anonymous said...

What amazing photos Craigie! Glad you got down and boogied my man! At least you wouldn't have been told off like I was for dancing on the chairs at the Rolling Stones concert by little security people!