Monday, September 25, 2006

Post 86: 250906 Auditions Part 1

The journey from script to stage finds momentum.

This weekend gone was the first of our audition weekends. Saturday saw six people try out for roles and Sunday saw five. To be honest I’ll be happy when this part of the theatre experience is over. I have never found great joy in telling people that there is not a place for them among the cast.

The experience of being is a play is wonderful. There is a sense of camaraderie found in the theatre that is, in my experience, found little elsewhere. Seeing others on such a regular basis and doing things that hastily breaks down the barriers ensures a level of friendship is quickly found. Combine that with regular bouts of drinking and we have the making of life long friends.

My struggle comes when I have to choose between good actors to play limited roles. I realize this is not a bad turn of events but I don’t have the strength to say no. Take the fact of when I first wrote and directed a play. I couldn’t say no to this particular actress so wrote her a role in the play. I’m far too weak. But I understand decisions must be made and made for the right reasons. For now I can put the hard decisions off until after next weekend.


Ma said...

Remember Ronnie Howard didn't get where he is today by having everyone who auditioned in his play! He chose the best. Just like you will.
Just say sorry you will not be required at this time but next time please audition!

Emily D said...

No way man, you're gonna have to take me out to dinner, buy me some nice flowers, maybe some dancing.. and I won't get started on what Ed'll need should you not require his services... :)

Everyone's been through it and most have been in your position as well. We know we're up against some stiff competition. Just pick the best for the parts.

strangelittlegirl said...

bout time u reblogged