Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Post 84: 060906 Tantrix Champs Con't

After the first heavy defeat 3 - 1 from my first opponent i am looking to make a better showing against my second opponent. 'shawntstao' is from Taiwan and the day before yesterday we had our first game. I thought I was on the end of a winner but despite my opponents attempts at making a line, managed to make a loop on another part of the board while both of us weren't looking. The final score was 20 - 21, a loss to me by one point.

Today however I took revenge for the loss and won our second game 44 - 16. I managed a fine 22 tile loop with 3 tiles to spare, thankfully my opponent had just the final tile i needed to complete it. A much more flattering score line. Tomorrow will be game three.


Ma said...

show 'em that a Kiwi CAN Craigie!!

aprilelf said...

Hi Craig! (April here.)
Well I found your blog in a roundabout way ... long story, but I'm here now ... so yeah, 'Hi'.

I've made myself a blog now too, but it probably won't be updated regularly. I'm an LJ (Live Journal) girl as I've said in my first blog post.

But I'll quit rambling. Good luck with your Trantrix games!

vegted said...

Great to hear from you April. I've been checking out your LJ. Hope you don't mind that i've set up a link to it. I like your style of writing, very entertaining.

aprilelf said...

That's fine - link away! :)
And I thank thee, kind sir, for that charming comment about my writing.
Now I need to try and speed up the process because it always takes me ages to write anything - hence my entries aren't as regular as they could be.

Ma said...

where are your updates Craigie???