Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Post 79: 220806 Poetry Contests

Over the past eight months I have made a concerted effort to push my poetry to the next level. The first stage was to enter poetry contests, something I had never done before. With each result posted however I become somewhat deflated in my expectations and skeptical over my own abilities.

For the past 6 weeks I have been awaiting on the results of three competitions, one from New Zealand, one from America and one online. For some reason all results were delayed beyond their stated announcement dates. My waiting ended today when this evening after killing time playing games I realized I hadn't made my usual rounds of the results pages.

As for the New Zealand and American competitions my name was no where in sight but the online competition delivered a surprise. There I was up on top in first place. I have won my first competition. I am the winner of txt2nite.com’s SMS Poetry Contest 8. It may not be as prestigious as bigger comps but I am well chuffed with the result. Not to mention stoked that the first prize of an iPod Shuffle will be winging its way to me.

Check out the results page.


strangelittlegirl said...

HEY HEY! That's awesome Craigy!! Well done! Knew you'd win one!

strangelittlegirl said...

P.S can i have it??? :)

Anonymous said...

Un....No. And Mun's already asked as well.

Ma said...


Ma said...

That's right SLG! Mother has already asked for the OLD one!!

Ma said...

Mother but as Vegted is wont to call 'Mun'!!!!