Sunday, August 06, 2006

Post 75: 060807 Orange Tree Exhibition

Last night was the opening of the Orange Tree exhibition. I didn't have a lot of info to go on for this one but i was happy none the less to be involved. Who wouldn't be when it gives a chance for you work to be seen in public.

The Orange Tree is actually a bar which was converted into a gallery for the night of the opening, which included pop up books on the pool table and multiple format art works adorning pillars and walls as well as shelves and small tables. I was impressed with the level of work and the amount. It seemed that after the first pass you miss most of the details and need to make the rounds again if not more.

I have three photos in the show along with another photographer from the last show. Ours sat together on a red wall beside a standing lamp and close to the buffet table. A good place actually as it was close to wher most people were hanging out. I think the images remain in place for the next five days.

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