Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Post 72: 020806 Orange Tree article

As i drift along on a sun bleached journey an e-mail arrives telling me of an article in the Korean Times proclaiming the virtues of our up-coming exhibition. It begins on the 5th of August in Orange Tree bar and resturant which will be converted for the opening into a fully fledged gallery. And once the opening has closed it will revert back to its natural state where patrons can enjoy our vistas while they dine on wonderful Italian meals.

I look foward to being there on Saturday night to share in the warmth of excited faces and hopefully the glow my face is currently basking in will have dimmed and I can go out in puiblic without looking like an advertising neon for the red light district. Yep, it was hot today and due to our being outside for the most part I have turned a rather charming shade of red.

So click on Orange Tree and read the brief article and wait with patience for the photos of amazing temples and hidden grottos.

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