Monday, July 17, 2006

Post 67: 170607 Photos from the Opening

A view of seven of the eight photos. The eighth stood apart on a central pillar.

The reason I put my photos in rooms of white walls, so folks can have a look at 'em.

To give you some idea of prevailing factors. At the top of the stairs before you enter the first gallery a pile of umbrellas greeted newcomers and waved at those who have supped their full.

Part of the plethora of entertainment the evening contained as well as a fractioned view of the artwork covering the walls.


Ma said...

which one sold Craigie?

Ma said...

Knew it had to be The Venice one. Can just see the corner of it. Very dark, brooding and mysterious by eerie moonlight.

Ma said...

Well I have printed off the Venice photo as an A4 and will get it framed properly. If that's okay, cause I have to ask the photographer if its alright?? It turned out A+! You sent it to me last year from there, remember? Then you can sign it for me when you come home!