Friday, July 14, 2006

Post 65: 140706 Poetry and Orange Trees

I left for work a little after one this afternoon. As I walked I wrote a little poem.

“What is more hideous than a toad?” the toad asked.
“A slug.” replied the slug.
“How is a slug more hideous than a toad?” the toad inquired.
“Just look at me.” the slug replied in an off hand manner.
“I am.” licked the toad. ”and you look delicious.”

Oh and some good news. Of the back of the current exhibition in Insdaong I have been asked to contribute to another joint exhibition that begins on the 5th of August. This time at the Orange Tree gallery.

The fear I had about the short life of my photos has been eased. As yet I have few details but when they come to hand to will happily report on proceeding. This will be my third exhibition. Does that make me an artist? Or is it when you sell your first piece?

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Ma said...

Well as you are an artist and have sold you must be truly an ARTIST!!!
To answer your question to self.