Monday, April 16, 2007

Post 102: 160407 Katya

Being gone from New Zealand for so long, the biggest regret comes in not seeing your family change, grow, evolve over time. It's the events in ones life that make a person who they are. My niece is growing up so quickly and changing every day. It's these important steps that i have missed that make being away the hardest.


Anonymous said...

Good looks must run in the family!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous little girl!!! Should put her movies.!!

alex said...

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strangelittlegirl said...

what's up with that comment?!? u doin?

ur a bit slack with the old updates!

but then again so am i!

I joined a gym! Crazy huh!? I've updated my blog recently...feel free to read...

Miss ya!

vegted said...

Hey Blister,

I miss ya too.

Yes i know crap as always.

Japan would be nice, in fact great in terms of perople and culture but i wouldn't come away with a bean.

I've been reading your blog and getting your updates. A gym!! YOU!!
Good on ya.

poetry_pete said...

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