Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Post 98: 130207 A Play in Progress

Two weeks of the show are behind us and the final week is about to begin. Today we had our second review published, this time in the Korean Herald. The reviews are sound if not a tad on the positive side but still i am less than satisfied. We haven't had the houses i had hoped for. Perhaps you could blame the weather, it is winter after all, or perhaps the location but it's only 15 minutes from western central. I can't fault the actors nor the staging itself, the actors have performed amazingly despite the month break we had in rehearsals and the venue is large and comfortable. There is the usual hassles we come across when putting on a play here, that being a lack of attention to details on the locals side of proceedings. The wiring in the theatre has let us down a few times when suddenly the projector shuts off in the middle of a clip or the channel changes without a button being pressed but these are minor things and detract little from the end result. A great performance of a solid play performed in a good theatre in a city of 10 million people. But still we can't fill a house. What is the first reason that springs to mind? I'll let you ponder that.

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Anonymous said...

In a way I feel sad 'cause I did not take time to know you much. I had felt your sensitivity and how deep and passionate you are. You have plenty to give/share as a man/director/friend. To be honest, it was hard for me to be there on rehearsal on a 50% basis,but I like what I live now with the band. I've been working on that play with a director who gave confidence. It's good to work under your command my captain! It's a pleasure.I wish I could have the words to speak to you of what I feel or sense about your work(my shyness I hide under comedy). You've done a great work!
We're on for 1 more week. Damn them if they don't come... but thank you

Thomas -husband stabbed too many times

aprilelf said...

Sorry to hear the response in terms of bookings was not what you'd hoped ...
Okay, so you haven't had any full houses yet, but how's it been in general - three quarters, half, a third full ...?
At least you are satisfied within yourself that the play is well done.

Just wondering if you could post links to larger versions of those articles so we can read them?