Sunday, December 24, 2006

Post 96: A World Awy

Well look at me. Here i am back in New Zealand for a few weeks for my first kiwi xmas in four years.

It's been a crazy ol' time in recent months. Me given the shaft from the job i'd worked at for 14 months. Me calling the cops on them to mediate a few disputes. A few part time gigs to line my pockets with a little extra cash. Me fleeing the country, heading to Thailand to watch scary snake shows and even scarier shows involving razorblades. In somewhere in there a play was born and opens on the 1st of Feb 2007.

There's a bit of work to do admittedly but i think there will be a play of substance beginning its run in a theatre on the grounds of the Hanyang University. It is set for a three week run and hopefully plenty of folk will turn out to be treated to a little slice of western drama in the murky darkness of a Korean winter.

We'll see.


Erik said...

I see I've found another Uijeongbu denizen. What do you do on the weekends in this town? I always end up going to Seoul ever since the one pub I like closed up shop a few months ago. Since you've been here a while, do you have any recommendations on nightlife? Working on it, but my Korean language skills are still crap.

aprilelf said...

Hope you made it back to Korea safely and without (major) incident!
I don't think you told me while you were over here about your "crazy ol' time" ... though maybe you were trying to forget it. And I don't blame you.

Big, big oodles of luck for the play! :D

(Don't forget about these 'must-see movies': #1 & #5 on my Film Festival '06 list)